60 Broklyn Street, New York
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32+ acres with stunning views

Relaxation starts here...

As you pass the entry gate on Coray Lane and head down the private driveway, a wave of relaxation hits your body. Slowly you become immersed in a new environment. The variety of landscapes and features on your nearly 33-acre compound has something for everyone.

Behind the home just a short walk down the hill is the 17-foot deep, spring-fed pond, stocked with smallmouth bass. You can stand on the shore and fish or relax on your private sandy beach. Looking uphill towards the home you’ll notice the oak savanna planted throughout the east side of the property. Also of note are the large number of perennial flowers purposefully planted for enjoying the natural setting.

As you walk back toward the home you can see openings in the trees that make up the private network of trails occupying the southeast corner of your acreage. The trails are wide enough to allow for motorized vehicle recreation and intimate enough to enjoy a peaceful walk in the woods.

Most of the land on the west side of the property could provide ample space for a fenced horseback riding area, growing your own fruits and vegetables, or leaving it as is and enjoying the prairie view.


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